How do you present

the right offer,

to the right person,

at the right time,

and, at the right price?


As simple as it sounds, the answer is actually quite complex. It involves a multitude of variables (place, time, item), different offer types (social or single, dynamic or fixed, public or private), disparate delivery systems (“pull” by way of a search mechanism, “push” by way of stored buyer preferences) and a series of players (sellers, buyers and intermediaries) often with competing goals (maximum profit vs. the lowest price). 

Add to the mix an explosion of mobile devices, limitless bandwidth, and endless ways for users to access and share information (and, of course, for marketers to track this behavior), and it becomes clear that nothing short of a revolution is taking place, further complicating the answer to this simple question.  

Yet, since 1999, eWinWin has been the thought leader in inventing, developing, and patenting critical computer-enabled systems necessary for sellers and intermediaries to find the answer. Our portfolio of nearly 80 (and still growing)  IP Assets covers such critical areas as search, social, mobile, stored payments, deal origination, deal propagation, real-time metrics, stored buyer preferences, and recommender systems. 

Since those early days, eWinWin has continued to develop and license its proprietary software and technology to users all across North America.  Click here to learn the history of eWinWin.