The History of eWinWin

From its inception in 1999, eWinWin set out to leverage the Internet to design and commercialize new ways to create value. 

A brief timeline:

In 2000, eWinWin successfully commercializes the first seller-initiated social buying technology by way of an ASP model. New software releases follow, and the company licenses its technology to companies ranging from small and medium sized firms to Fortune 500 companies.  

In 2001, eWinWin receives recognition for its innovative ecommerce solutions and wins multiple industry awards.

In 2006, eWinWin receives first Notice of Allowance from the USPTO. 

In 2011, eWinWin releases new social buying technology that tracks and measures social influencers utilizing an on-demand ASP model. 

In 2012, eWinWin’s patent portfolio more than doubles, receiving more issued patents in one year than all previous years combined

For well over a decade, eWinWin has remained at the cutting edge of leveraging the latest technologies across multiple platforms to create sustainable value for businesses, consumers and intermediaries.  As mobile and social continue to converge to an “always on” experience, and online purchasing and data tracking only accelerate, eWinWin is well-positioned to be at the forefront of this phenomenon for the next decade as well.