On-demand Marketing Solutions

eWinWin's patented marketing platform enables a seller to create deals online and directly market them to communities of fans and social networks. 

Our customized ecommerce solutions allow a business to easily load and launch a deal directly to consumers. Buyers who order can promote the deal to friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites using our Social Pricing Application (SPA). Businesses can easily track and monitor the effectiveness of online campaigns and target particular buyers with rewards and special offers for their role in “influencing” the purchasing habits of others. This ability to “drill down” into a campaign to track those social network influencers and the impact they have on others represents the next wave of offer analytics.  A dedicated dashboard provides updated metrics on past campaigns and influencers:  exactly the information a seller needs to make informed decisions for upcoming offers. 

Businesses have the flexibility to create offers every month, every week, or every day and segment buyers and potential buyers as well.  With eWinWin, sellers can experiment with different deals to different users, tweaking them over time to meet sales and profit goals.  And, as always, our world-class 24/7 platform is simply an Internet connection away. 

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